About Us

"Every Problem has a SOLUTION, just ASK it"

ASK Solutions with this belief started developing the solutions in the most important area of business viz. Accounting and Taxation. Considering the business needs and the present available resources, having discussions with persons actually working in these fields and various experts in the field of Accounting and Taxation, we feel the need of a new approach.

Considering the numerous compliances and the time limits, it has now become of vital importance to take the advantage of the various technological developments to keep us up-to-date in respect of the knowledge as well as compliances. Keeping this approach, an ONLINE OFFICE become a necessity and we provided a complete Office Online for the Consultant [Client] as a Group owner with various Users under him to have an Individual as well as Group Reporting System for better control and compliances.

In addition to this, considering the various opinions and suggestions expressed and received, we have also provided following solutions as :

Mera Accountant - An Online Accountant
Mera Consultant - An Online Consultant
Mera Advisor - An Online Advisor
Mera Tax - An Online Tax Diary

Our motive is to provide the solutions at the best minimum cost to the maximum users with the firm belief that "every problem has a solution, just ask it".