Setup New Company

Online Office

Setup & Basic Information

A proper setup of an organisation is very important for smooth running and functioning.
Define a proper setup of your organisation giving all basic and important information which will be required and helpful for completing the various tasks and obligations.

Tools & Utilities

Using various tools and utilities helps to complete  tasks faster and speedily.
Use various tools and utilities including Calculators, Charts to complete the various tasks and assignments speedily and smoothly with more ease.


Timely Compliance with various obligations and requirements of your business is essential. 
Define the various compliances you require to comply with, assign the compliances, record your compliances, view your compliances chart for proper follow up and regular checking.

Message Center & Reminders

Alerts, Reminders with intra-messaging facility helps to do tasks timely.
Set various alerts, reminders for various tasks and make use of the intra-messaging system for assistance in completing the tasks or follow up.